About us

EStà (Economia e Sostenibilità) is a non-profit research center that believes in a robust, systematic approach to sustainability. It works together with government agencies, research centers, economic groups, and actors at local, national and international level.

EStà works to foster development guided by principles of sustainability, resilience, and circular economy. Every aspect is considered in its full complexity through the drafting of studies and scenarios for change, as well as support for their practical implementation.

EStà cultivates relationships between actors, employs approaches and methods emphasizing research, action, and active participation by all actors, to build the basis for shared knowledge and action.

EStà rejects simplistic approaches to sustainability, believes in the interdependence of all social, economic, and environmental aspects.

EStà is composed of associates, collaborators, and members of its scientific committee, who belong to various fields of study and knowledge: economics, the environment, regional planning, industry, social entrepreneurship, methods of democratic participation, education, and communications.

EStà has been contributing to the international debate through the conceptualization, design and participation of different local and global initiatives related to food and the city.


Portfolio and project brief of EStà about Urban Food Policies